Jericho Rosales Hopes That Next GF is “The One”?

March 16, 2011

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People mature with age. And like ordinary people, Filipino stars mature not only in age but in their outlook in life as well. If you remember, before when Jericho Rosales’ relationship with a girlfriend ends, he’d be all over the evening news, showbiz talk shows and even in showbiz pages shedding precious tears because his heart was broken. Now, you are seeing a new Jericho.

It is out in the open that he and Cesca Litton have decided to part ways. In fact, not a lot of people know that they did have a romantic relationship. They weren’t denying it but they weren’t all over the news announcing they they are a couple either. They just wanted to cherish the relationship as quietly as they could.

But now that they are over the relationship, they have remained friends. Unlike the past relationship of Echo, one at least, he is still not on “friendly” terms with her. With Cesca it is a different situation. She even watched his pre-valentine concert even if they weren’t officially a couple anymore. According to Echo, it has been a long time that Cesca wanted to see him perform live and she got her chance during his pre-Valentine concert.

Echo added they they have quickly move one and became friends sooner than expected. Which is obviously a good thing. Now that he is a certified bachelor once again, Echo desires to just wait on God for his next girlfriend. Could he be hoping that when the next one comes, it will really be “the one”?

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