What’s The Real Score between Pampi Lacson and Jodi Sta. Maria?

March 11, 2011

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Human as we are, with the name, dignity, and pride to protect, we all have the tendency to keep things to ourselves. We try as much as possible to veil issues that we know could bring us down. This is true not only among the well known personalities in show business and politics. This is also a reality among ordinary citizens whose lives are meant to be private. After all, who would want to be exposed? Who would want to have others dissect your life and expose your personal secrets and shortcomings before the condemning world? The answer is no one.

This is now the case of two well-known personalities who both represent two of the strongest bodies in the society—politics and showbiz. They both came from two different worlds but became one in marriage, a relationship that they are supposed to enjoy for six years now. It was love that brought them together. And their love for each other has produced one life—a lovely child who appears on television for his endorsement of a popular milk product.

Pampi Lacson is the son of a controversial senator Ping Lacson who allegedly been into hiding from the government because of some cases he allegedly been involved in. Jodi Sta. Maria is a drama actress. She is a showbiz personality who also made a name for herself in soap operas and TV commercials.

Just like any other marriages, theirs is also not perfect. But everyone is sure that the couple tried their best to fix things up. In fact, one of the means they tried on was to keep their marital issues private. They did everything they could. But still, rumors about separation came out, and some allegations from other media personalities have made their condition worse.

Jodi remained silent. It is her right. But Pampi came forward to shed light on the matter. They have been estranged from each other for the past seven months. It is not final though, we hope. But the coming days would surely be tough for the family. As Pampi’s request, let us offer them our heartfelt prayers.

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